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Caribzone is an online community where Caribbean nationals, Caribbean-Americans, Blacks, Hispanics or those with an interest in the Caribbean region, can read the news, listen to music, watch videos, chat, or find out what's happening back home.

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About The Carib Zone

The vibrancy of the Caribbean community shines through borders, coming together in one place; and that place is The Caribzone - Your Home, Away From Home. Like your home, The Caribzone was created to provide warmth and comfort to Caribbean nationals as well as those with an interest in the region. Through this online community, you can connect with all things Caribbean: listen to Caribbean music read news express your opinion keep abreast of what is happening in the United States and the Caribbean

On Air Personality

The Caribzone Radio Programs are hosted by New York’s hottest DJs: Prince Kalunda, (St. Thomas), Ian "De Goose" Eligon (Trinidad & Tobago), Baby U and MC Huey T (both from Jamaica), and feature the latest news from correspondents across the region.

Ian The Goose Eligon


For many years, Ian “The Goose” Eligon, has been a major attraction on the airwaves (98.9FM, Radio 100FM, Prime 106 FM), and in premier nightclubs in his native Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere. His tireless enthusiasm and vibrant personality have made him one of the most in-demand presenters for hosting his country’s top entertainment events. Ian has been at the helm of many greatly acclaimed radio and television programs (music/talent shows, game shows, etc).

He is also the first radio personality in his native land to own and operate a computer-based home recording studio from which he has produced numerous radio commercials, records and re-mixes. Ian has extensive experience in broadcasting, having worked in various departments in radio.

Thanks to the diversity of cultures and music tastes in Trinidad and Tobago, he has also acquired a broad and unique appreciation for several genres of music.

Ian moved to New York in 1997 to deejay at Inner City Broadcasting’s WLIB 1190 AM, and regularly hosts many club events, concerts and of course the very popular New York summer boat cruises. Ian has also done mixshows for WWRL 1600 AM and CMR 101.3 FM Toronto, and DJ mixes for VP Records.

Ian currently runs the boards for the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Experience for New York’s Urban Leader WBLS 107.5 FM.

Holla at yuh boy nah: or

Prince Kalunda

Prince Kalunda is one of the freshest, most dynamic and extremely popular radio personalities and master of ceremonies promoting Caribbean music in New York. Prince has style and charisma that is like no other in the Caribbean market.

He creates a “party jam” environment wherever he goes, and has the natural ability to make a dead crowd come alive. Prince came to New York in 1979 and enrolled at ATS Broadcasting School.

After graduation in 1982, Prince pursued his dream to be a radio personality; with newly learned skills he began his career at WSTA a radio station in his native country of St Thomas U S Virgin Islands where he produced the weekly “Drive Time” show.

In 1983 Prince returned to New York. He put his experience in St. Thomas and his schooling to use immediately. From 1983 to 1994 he hosted shows at some of New Yorks' hottest radio stations. These include: WRKS KISS 98.7 where he was the DJ/On Air Personalty for "Hip Hop House Reggae Sundays," between 7pm-10pm on Sundays, WNWK 105.9 where he also was the DJ/On Air Personality hosting "Caribbean Blend" which aired on Thursdays & Fridays from 8pm-10pm. Prince always keeping busy was also doing commercial voiceovers at WLIB 1190.

From 1998 to 1999, Prince was the DJ/On Air Personality of Multicultural Broadcasting at WPAT for "In the Mix Friday Nights" from 8pm-10pm.

After that Prince moved on to several other stations. He did comerimcal voice-overs at 93.5 WRTN. He was also Program Host for various formats and stations including: WWRL 1600 with Caribbean Programming.

DJ BabyU "Godfather"

Each and every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm, this Dynamic Duo, DJ Baby "U" and MC Huey "T", brings classic music alive inside

Baby U mix the sounds of "yesteryear"...all the classic Love, Reggae and R&B tunes, whule MC Huey T, reminds us of those moments that these songs were created for.

About Baby "U"
Baby "U", often referred to as, “The Godfather of Selectors”, fell in love with music during the early 70s when he began managing his Brother’s record store in Kingston Jamaica. Later on, he brought Soul Music in New York and sold them to local DJs;  Sanatone, Ecology Force, Lauder Bell, Gemni, Stone Love, Black Pearl and many others. As a co-founder of “Ecology Force” Jamaica’s number one sound system in the mid 70s, Baby “U” was a positive impact on Jamaica’s nightlife.  Exodus, House of Leo and Tropic nightclubs were beneficiaries of Baby “U’s” unique style.  In the 80s, he created Team Jam – An evening of fun for High School students at the Tropic nightclub in New Kingston, and “Frontline” an outdoor event that was a precursor to the now famous Passa Passa outdoor “Bangarang”.

Baby "U" has brought his brand of Old School Classics to nightclub s in Miami, Chicago, New York, London England, CT, US Virgin Island, New Jersey.

Now, he’s inside the with “Back to the Future” – Where Classic Music is New again: Sundays 6pm – 9pm.  

About Huey "T"
Hugh ' Huey T' Nash got his start in the music arena via his two older brothers, both of whom operated sound systems back in the early 70s. His love of music and curios nature allowed him not just to learn the DJ aspect of the sound business but also the technical side as well. He continued to hone both skills by ingratiating himself with the Ecology Force disco and one of Jamaica's premier selectors " Baby U ".

As the systems popularity grew he went on the road with Baby U and became the voice and apprentice selector . He migrated to the United States where he resurrected the "Ecology Force name in 1982 and continued to play the great music that the Force was known for. He always wanted to get involved in radio and when the opportunity presented it self he grabbed it and joined his mentor Baby U on the air via the Carib Zone radio family and the rest you could say is history.


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